Our Vespas


Piaggio was founded in Genoa, Italy in 1884 by a teenager Rinaldo Piaggio. At the beginning time, Piaggio mainly focused on timber products, ship and aircraft accessories. In 1946, Piaggio had a turning point by making the personal vehicles and the first Vespa (model MP6) was born in April of the year. Vespa MP6 rapidly became a premium motor in the European market. The next years, the quantity of Vespa to be made increase day by day and widespread throughout the world with many dealers and new factory.

In Vietnam, the first Vespa came in the years 1950 of the last century by French. This vehicle quickly won the hearts of Vietnamese and year by year develop during next three decades. At that time, owned a Vespa is not only just a personal vehicle but also a symbol of richness and peerage of the users.

Today, besides the new models of Vespa, the old ones still appear on the streets and small alleys and become a tendency of vintage vehicles collection and an imprint culture.

At Hanoi Vespa Adventures, we carefully selected the vintage Vespa with the amount of over 50 units always ready to serving you.